4x inspiration for your bathroom

4x inspiration for your bathroom

4x inspiration for your bathroom

The bathroom is a place where you can relax and unwind. It is therefore important that this space exudes an atmosphere that suits you. When you go to the bathroom, you should be able to imagine that you are away from all the hustle and bustle and everyday life. There are many people who do not pay much attention to the decoration of the bathroom. This is a shame, because with a few small adjustments, this space can come to life. In this article we give 4x inspiration for the bathroom, so that you can also create your dream bathroom!

1. Bath faucets

Gun metal faucets & bath faucets are totally hot &happening right now. These sturdy and robust cranes fit perfectly into an industrial or rural interior. Would you like to add a little more color to the room? Then choose colored gun metal faucets & bath faucets instead of the standard black variant. This gives just a little extra to the space and ensures that your bathroom is unique!

2. A large wall rack

If you have a (limited) budget, it is wise to invest in practical furniture that offers a lot of storage space. A large wall rack is perfect for this! On this rack you can store everything you need in the bathroom, such as towels, toiletries, detergent, etc. Moreover, it is also very stylish and gives a little extra to the space!

3. Bath textiles in different styles

Bath textiles are not only functional, but can also serve as an eye-catcher in the room. For example, choose towels with nice prints or fresh colors to add some atmosphere to the space. Bath textiles don’t have to be expensive to be stylish, so there’s plenty of choice for every wallet!

4. Accessories & plants

Accessories & plants complete any space and give just that little extra atmosphere. In the bathroom this is of course no different! If you have a little more budget, you can, for example, invest in a beautiful sink or mirror with built-in lighting. This immediately gives a luxurious look to the space and makes it a real pleasure to be in the bathroom.

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