For the best duo roller blinds you have to go to Homebase!

For the best duo roller blinds you have to go to Homebase!

For the best duo roller blinds you have to go to Homebase!

Are you looking for a beautiful form of window fence? Then you’ve probably heard about duo roller blinds. In this blog we will highlight the duo roller blinds of So read on!

What is a duo roller blind?

A duo roller blind is a type of curtain, consisting of two layers of fabric. By means of a chain control you can control it yourself, so that you can decide for yourself how much light you want in your house. Duo roller blinds create a beautiful atmosphere in your home, because the fabric has a warm appearance. They also do not have to stand out within your interior: most duo roller blinds are available in many colors, including the colors that fit within your interior.

Ready-made or custom-made?

At, a distinction is made between two different types of duo roller blinds: ready-made and custom-made.

  • Ready-made duo roller blinds. At there is a permanent collection of duo roller blinds available. These are not customizable, and therefore have one fixed size. So they don’t fit every window either. So you have to pay attention to this, because of course you don’t want to buy the wrong duo roller blind. The ready-made duo roller blinds are available in many different colors. So you can still adjust a few things here; This way the duo roller blind fits nicely into your interior.
  • Tailor-made. If there is no correct duo roller blind within the ready-made collection, you can choose to have a duo roller blind made to measure at Here you can choose different types in the general design, but of course also the color. If you choose a custom-made duo roller blind, you can be sure that it will fit on your window.

Are you curious about the possibilities for you? Then take a look at the website of! This is full of information about different types of window decoration, including the duo roller blinds. Do you have any questions about this? The specialists of will be happy to help you with this! Feel free to contact them so you can ask all your questions.

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