What do you pay attention to when buying new bathroom tiles?

What do you pay attention to when buying new bathroom tiles?

What do you pay attention to when buying new bathroom tiles?

The choice of bathroom tiles reflects our style and must therefore radiate exactly the right atmosphere, experience and trend that suits us. Nevertheless, there are also some points of attention when purchasing bathroom tiles, because what exactly do you pay attention to when buying bathroom tiles? Which points of attention are important to you?

Size, big or small?

Make a good calculation of the number of square meters. Are you going for large wall tiles? These are considerably easier for the contractor to install than very small tiles. Small tiles (mosaic tile bathroom, but also larger than that), means more work for contractors. Small tiles, such as mosaic, give your bathroom a special character, but at the same time are less neutral than large bathroom tiles. People generally get bored with mosaic more quickly, because the typical character can eventually be disappointing. Of course, it’s just what you prefer.


When we think of mosaic, we quickly think of small square tiles (these are not placed individually, but per mosaic mat), but at the moment natural pebble-like stones are also available per mat, or per strip. This allows you to give your bathroom a great accent on the edges, for example. This way you can combine large and small tiles with each other. Then ensure unity, by not combining matte tiles with high-gloss tiles, for example. The best thing is to combine matte tiles with other matte tiles and vice versa in terms of high gloss.

Bathroom floor tiles

Good bathroom floor tiles do not become slippery when in contact with moisture, that goes without saying. We often find natural stone beautiful on the bathroom floor, such as Belgian bluestone – or an imitation of it. Natural stone is suitable for the bathroom, but you should be careful with cleaning products. Especially limescale removers, which you may use to clean sanitary facilities, are disastrous for a natural stone floor and leave stains that cannot be removed. If you are carefully laid out and keep the bathroom carefully clean, you can choose natural stone with peace of mind. If, on the other hand, you do not want to have to worry about it too much, and just be able to clean with, for example, Antikal, then it is better not to opt for natural stone.

Bathroom tiles and hygiene

The more joints there are, the more cleaning work you create. Joints can be food sources for bacteria. They are also the places where mold can form which is difficult to remove. So it goes without saying that small bathroom tiles, such as mosaic for example, involve more cleaning work.

Uneven, unpolished tiles, such as floor tiles, are also food sources for bacteria. These can easily settle in the unevenness and rougher surfaces.


At the moment, natural bathroom tiles are doing very well, they are extremely popular. By natural we mean tiles with a natural gray or anthracite colored appearance. In addition, tile mats with flat boulders are a real trend, as well as, for example, 6-corner mosaic tiles in natural shades. With these beautiful wall tiles you can achieve great, atmospheric effects in the bathroom. Be inspired, because the possibilities are endless!

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