How do I make my garden with garden furniture child-friendly?

How do I make my garden with garden furniture child-friendly?

How do I make my garden with garden furniture child-friendly?

Spring is approaching and it is almost time to get your garden furniture ready for use again. Before you take out your garden furniture again and the children can play in the garden again and relax on the garden furniture, it is important to ensure that your garden with garden furniture is child-friendly. Wait a while before cleaning your garden furniture and see what needs to be done before you can enjoy your garden furniture again. Do you want to know how you can best do this and can’t wait to put your garden furniture back down? Then read on about how you can enjoy your garden furniture in a child-friendly garden.

What does your child-friendly garden with garden furniture have to meet?

Actually, it’s very simple. There are only two important requirements that your child-friendly garden with garden furniture must meet. The garden must be safe so that the children can play and romp to their heart’s content and it is important to have a place with beautiful garden furniture where you and your partner can relax yourself. There are also very nice garden furniture especially for children available. These garden furniture are completely hip, because children deserve their own place with garden furniture. Later in this blog you can read more about these garden furniture here.

The safety of your garden and garden furniture

  • Fence

When you still have young children, it is very important to ensure a good fence in your garden. Make sure that they cannot just walk to the street by, for example, placing a nice fence or a fence. It is important to make sure that they cannot use the garden furniture to climb over the fence.

  • Pond

If there is a pond in the garden, make sure it is safe. Prevent a child from falling into it. Place a special fence around it or remove the entire pond.

  • Shadows

It is often forgotten that the sun can also be dangerous, especially for children. Make a play area in a place with plenty of shade or provide sufficient shade by, for example, placing a mobile parasol or hanging a shade cloth. Even when they relax on the garden furniture, it is important that these garden furniture are in the shade.

  • Poisonous plants

Pay close attention to which plants you place in your garden. Avoid poisonous plants and also plants with colorful little berries. These are very attractive to children and especially small children are quickly inclined to put these berries in their mouths.

  • Bottom

Furthermore, it is very important to pay close attention to the surface. Make these child-friendly by making sure the surface is soft so they can’t fall too hard. For example, place rubber tiles under the climbing equipment. Rubber tiles do have the disadvantage that they can get very hot in the sun. You can also opt for sand instead, but the disadvantage of this is that it quickly becomes mud when it starts to rain. If you prefer not to have mud monsters in your garden, it is wise to go for (artificial) grass.

How do you make the garden fun and child-friendly?

Once your garden is safe, it’s time for the fun stuff. Think of the children by, for example, placing a swing, trampoline or a climbing device. For most children, a sandbox is a real must-have. Don’t you want the neighborhood cats to use the sandbox as a luxury toilet? Then make sure you cover it well with a lid. Create fun play areas for the children here and there. When you have the space, make them their own corner with garden furniture such as a picnic bench, a nice hanging chair or trendy beanbags. There are a lot of nice garden furniture available that makes children happy.

Do you have all of the above under control? Put your garden furniture back down and then plop down together on your relaxed garden chairs. Enjoy the children playing with a nice drink in your child-friendly garden.

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