Prepare your garden for spring with these 3 tips

Prepare your garden for spring with these 3 tips

Prepare your garden for spring with these 3 tips

Now that the days are getting longer and the temperature outside is rising, you feel like sitting in the garden. For that you want to make the garden cozy again, so that you can enjoy it relaxed. With these tips you prepare well for that and you will not have any extra work to do in the spring.

Tip 1 – Is all your garden furniture ready for use?

Is your garden furniture outside in the winter or do you have space to store your garden furniture in the shed or garage? In any case, it’s time to get your table and chairs for the day and see if they need to be put back in the oil. Or you can remove dust and cobwebs from your garden furniture with a high-pressure sprayer. This year, decorate your terrace in a different way. This way you bring some variety to the garden, without having to do a lot of work. By placing an awning on the open side of your terrace, you get extra shade. That’s a nice place to create a lounge corner. For example, you can place a Tropilex hammock on a stand there.

Tip 2 – Give your plants some extra attention

After a long winter, it is good to see if all the plants in your garden are still intact. Some plants may not have survived the frosts. Or there are bald spots in your lawn. In addition, it is of course also nice to purchase a few new plants in preparation for the new garden season. You plant these in the border or you choose new planters that you place on the edge of your terrace. Keep in mind that it can still get cold at night. So start by fertilizing your lawn and removing old plant debris before purchasing new plants.

Tip 3 – Make sure you have a tidy garden

To enjoy your garden carefree, make sure you have a tidy garden from the start. You fill the sandbox with clean sand, so that the children can play outside immediately at the first nice weather. You also look at where the pool can be located. Is the wood piled up there now that you only need for the fireplace in the winter? Then store that wood on the side of the shed or along the fence under a canopy. This creates extra space in your garden. And that gives other possibilities. For example, you can also place the hammock with stand that you had on the terrace somewhere else in the garden. Among the green bamboo bushes, for example, you will experience even more relaxation in your tidy garden.

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