How to furnish your home sustainably

How to furnish your home sustainably

How to furnish your home sustainably

Sustainability is high on the agenda these days. Do you also think sustainability is important? Then read in this blog how you can decorate your home sustainably. This way you contribute to a better world with a few adjustments.

Window decoration

Choose window decoration that has good quality and lasts a long time. Veneta is a good provider if you are looking for durable curtains. You have no less than 8 years warranty on your curtains. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is also of paramount importance to them. The curtains are made in factories that comply with international laws and regulations. This is checked annually. TJ Hughes sells various curtains, such as Roman blinds and duo roller blinds. You can also opt for pleated curtains, shutters and normal curtains.


By properly insulating your home, you don’t have to use as much electricity. Make sure your windows are well insulated. For this you must have at least double glazing. In old houses there are pieces around the window through which air can pass. Ventilate this with, for example, a ventilation strip. Also, seal all seams and cracks in your home. Do you have central heating pipes in unheated rooms? Make sure that these are isolated. You can also stick foil behind your radiators. This prevents heat from being lost. You can have your walls insulated by having cavity wall insulation injected. Are you unsure whether your house is well insulated? Then you can check through various isolation tests online. Some tests will also give you practical advice on what you can improve to better insulate your home.


Buy as many A-labeled devices as possible. These devices use much less energy. Also buy lights with the A-label. Also limit how much electricity and water you use. With a slightly shorter shower you can already save a lot of water and electricity. Also, do not run laundry if your washing machine is not yet completely filled. This also costs a lot of extra water and energy. In addition, have your devices checked regularly. By having small defects made, you can ensure that the device uses less energy.

In addition to making your home sustainable, there are other things you can do to become more sustainable. For example, when cooking, you can make many sustainable steps. For example, cook a new meal from leftovers or freeze leftovers so that you throw away less food. Also use as few plastic bags as possible. Food can be stored sustainably in reusable containers.

Sustainable products for the home

Sustainable products are generally made or recycled in an ecological way. Ecological building materials are made from natural raw materials and there are no chemicals in them. These sustainable products for the home have a low to no negative impact on the environment or nature. We are talking about products that you can simply find in nature. When it comes to wood, it is better to choose recycled wood or bamboo or take a look at the possibilities of hemp or even cork.

Green roof subsidy

Another good example for an application to a sustainable home is the construction of a green roof. We learned a lot from nature. Consider, for example, a more constant indoor climate. In the summer you have a cool home and in the winter you benefit from a warmer home. In particular, the vegetation roof ensures this regulation, making you much more comfortable and saving you a lot of money. Furthermore, a roof garden also ensures better air quality and attracts more biodiversity. As far as we are concerned, this is a win-win situation and we understand that there is such a thing as a green roof subsidy.

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