A travel guide to making money with outdoor photography

A travel guide to making money with outdoor photography

A travel guide to making money with outdoor photography

Capturing moments that bring the viewer back to a wonderful vacation is the goal of photographers, especially those who create memories that will last a lifetime. If you’re ready to travel the world again, check out our travel guide to make money from outdoor photography.

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What kind of photographer are you?

With the advent of the smartphone, everyone is a photographer nowadays. For those who are professionally into it, you could be a photojournalist, a documentary photographer, a wedding photographer, a fashion photographer, or a travel photographer.
In this blog, we’re focusing on travel photography, so how do you make money by combining two of your passions: travel and photography?

Now that we’ve identified some aspects of photography, below are more ways to make money online as a travel photographer:

1. Sell
photos online 2. Teaching
Photography 3. Writing/Blogging About Photography
4. Workshops
5. Sell through your website
6. Learn other skills

1. Sell your photos online: Many websites like Unsplash and Pexels allow you to upload and sell your photo to people who just love your photos. The photo you upload must be a high-definition photo.
2. Teaching Photography: This is another way to make money while teaching people everything you know about photography and business. The way of teaching depends only on you, whether you prefer to sell e-books, live lessons, e-books, workshops, prints, guides, speaking engagements or videos to sell to interested students. You can then sell them on Marktplaats, Bol.com, Amazon, or even Etsy.
3. Writing/Blogging: As you travel and document your experience, you can deliver content for blogs and get paid for it. You can share how-tos and exciting blog content with people who want to follow in your footsteps.
4. Workshops: This can help you be part of a community of like-minded people. By contributing just 1 euro per month, clients allow creatives to spend more time creating by covering the many costs involved in their work. These workshops promote exclusive content for photographers and people interested in photography.
5. Sell through your own website: A website, blog, or community built by following you is a way to gather a group of people who love your works.
6. Learn other skills: Don’t rely on you to only try to sell your photos online. Learn how to make and edit documentaries or videos, and you can create your own opportunities to be as creative as you want so you can continue to develop and invest in your photography skills.

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