Create atmosphere in your home with wallpaper

Create atmosphere in your home with wallpaper

Create atmosphere in your home with wallpaper

Are you currently dissatisfied with your living space? Do you actually want to move, but is this not the most sensible choice in the current housing market? Think differently… Take a radical approach to your home and become happy again with the living space you have. There is plenty of tasteful inspiration here and there. And with these handy tips, the re-styling of your home is arranged in no time and you are also an experience richer.

Create small moments of happiness

Congratulations! You have made the choice to restyle your home and create a new atmosphere in your home. To start creating a new atmosphere in your home, it is wise to first make a plan. Choose which rooms you want to transform and in what order. Remember, that even a small space also deserves attention. Choose a color or theme for each room. Are you not very good at this? Then use the magic of wallpaper. Hookedonwalls wallpaper has a very extensive range. You can choose subtle patterns or passionate bursts of color on your wallpapered wall. Once you have chosen your favorite wallpaper, you also immediately have your starting point for choosing color.

Make a step-by-step plan for each room. Always implement your plan step by step and invest in your own paradise. Give the wall a color one day and wallpaper the wall behind the dresser the next. With always a moment of reflection. This way you have a small moment of happiness every time.

Wallpaper in that unexpected place

And what are the unexpected places to use wallpaper? Where are you going to create an incredibly pleasant atmosphere? This can be done, for example, in the toilet room or in the kitchen where all tasty colorful adventures begin. You can make a toilet room that actually needs to be replaced stylish again with a popping hookedonwalls wallpaper. A wallpaper with color and large prints from ceiling to floor in the toilet or against the back wall gives a completely new look. And don’t forget to paint the ceiling in the toilet with the background color from the wallpaper. Let go of white and make your toilet room the pride of your home. Or choose stylish art on the small wall in your kitchen.

Teach yourself craftsmanship

Wallpapering is an art and a profession. And you can learn every trade. Are you dreading getting started with your newly purchased beautiful wallpaper? Then prepare yourself well. There is a lot of information about wallpapering on the internet. Watch enough instructional videos and invest in the right tools. For example, ready-made wallpaper glue. Especially when you want to wallpaper several small surfaces, or do not have your day once, it is useful when you can just close that bucket again. And for a new moment of happiness to be created, you can open it again in no time.

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