Enjoy the convenience and coziness of a fireplace

Enjoy the convenience and coziness of a fireplace

Enjoy the convenience and coziness of a fireplace

Would you like to enjoy the convenience and cosiness of a fireplace this autumn? But do you not have a gas connection at home? An electric fireplace is then a good choice for you. Electric fireplaces provide atmospheric warmth, which can be created anytime, anywhere. Today’s modern electric fireplaces provide a very lively, realistic and atmospheric fire play in the house. Curious why electric fireplaces are so popular? Read on to find out.


In the past, electric fireplaces were not very popular. This is understandable because electric fireplaces in the nineties were not yet sufficiently developed to completely replace gas and wood stoves. However, with the political discussion about the use of natural gas and the switch to alternative fuels, the popularity of electric fireplaces is increasing significantly. After all, a gas fireplace is not an option, since many people do not have a gas connection in their new-build home. That is why an electric fireplace is quickly chosen. In addition, the development of electric fireplaces is also very fast. Today, the flame of an electric fireplace is exactly the same as that of a wood stove.

Advantages at a glance

First, you can personalize the flame image. From atmospheric flames to party disco stands. This way you create the right atmosphere for every situation. In addition, electric fireplaces have energy-efficient thermal modules. This way you not only enjoy the flames, but also the pleasant temperature. The fireplace also made a crackling sound, which makes it just real. Do you want to install an electric fireplace? This is also possible with installation options for furniture, cabinets, tables, TV walls and more. From classic to modern, from fireplaces to wall setups. Everything is possible!

Which electric fireplace to choose?

There are many possibilities in the field of electric fireplaces. In addition to the different types, there are many installation options. Get inspired on the website haardenexpert.nl. For an impression of the huge selection of furniture arrangements, designs, finishes, you will find countless ways to beautifully present your fireplace arrangement in our online range. In these setups you can see the most popular trends and designs of the moment. With this we show what is possible, although there are many possibilities. Fireplace expert always makes what you have in mind, nothing is impossible.

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