Relax with a bite

Relax with a bite

Relax with a bite

Rough bolster, white pit … That comparison applies seamlessly to the industrial armchair. A showpiece in many living rooms due to its sturdy character that is combined with optimal comfort. The¬†armchair industrial; a phenomenon explained.

Ancient enjoyment

For decades you don’t have to walk into a living room in the United Kingdom, or the armchair occupies a prominent place. It used to be the place where the man of the house could recover as head of the family after a long day of hard work. Despite the fact that this division of roles disappeared over the years, the armchair remained the beacon of tranquility in the interior. But fortunately, the external characteristics kept up with the times.

Industrial look

Explanation for the naming of industrial furniture initially leads to factories where furniture had to be practical, strong and user-friendly. So steel mainly … and solid wood. And when it comes to armchairs, leather is certainly also a common material. That remains popular because leather is a beautiful, sustainable and ecologically responsible product. The combination of steel with these other materials led to the popular tough look.

Functional comfort

Tranquility and therefore luxury are the core values for these wonderful chairs … And when the armchair becomes industrial in character, you also add a functional tough look that can be combined extremely well. Industrial armchairs are already combinations of different materials and therefore they fit well with a variety of other living styles … And since the armchair is almost always a real eye-catcher, it is no problem if it deviates in style from another dominant style!

Make sure you’re comfortable

Comfort is certainly not universal. Where one likes to hang out, the other prefers extra support with, for example, back or hips … Therefore, when buying an industrial armchair, be sure to sit for a test. Because no matter how characterful the chair looks, comfort and convenience must be decisive. What are the (electrical) functions on the armchair, which fabric feels best, to what extent is it adjustable in height and are parts such as back and armrest also adjustable? And if all that meets your needs … can the great enjoyment begin!

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